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I wrote a comment at Slashdot today:

"It would be more Google if they used Firefox to create a browser service instead of a browser software. After all, XUL lets you build the user interface as if it was a web page. That means Google could build a browser service that allows the user to set browser preferences as if they were search preferences [google.com] or Gmail preferences. Firefox would then render the browser interface according to your personal preferences. If you like your back button to be 500x500 pixels large that's just a setting. If you want a blue background for your browser menus that's just another setting. If you want a Gmail interface that's even richer than what's currently available...well then Firefox is the answer and Google probably don't have to alter the code that much since Gmail and XUL both use Javascript.
A browser service would also make more business sense since it gives people incentive to switch browser to Firefox, taking control away from Microsoft, without tying Google's future options in how to serve users."
Update: No one has bothered to grade the post or even read it. I mean read it, it's so full of insight and perspective. Anyone who reads it becomes enlightened, Vishnu-Ganesha-enlightened yunno.

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