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Seth Godin: How to make money as a movie producer:
  • Make movies that work beautifully in theatres and never release them on DVD.
  • Make theatres more fun and more attractive to a larger audience.
  • Make movies that cost far less to produce, making enough profit on the people who want to buy the beautiful DVD packaging, with extras, etc.
  • Produce interactive entertainment, which would only work when the user was online and paying the studio directly.
  • Put commercials in movies, but allow people to pay a fee to go online and see the commercial-free versions while connected to a server.
  • Sell subscriptions, offering, say, an audience of a million people the very freshest movies—before their neighbors—for a fee.
  • Make profit from souvenirs (live events, clothing, etc.) instead of the performance itself. Think Grateful Dead.

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