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Microsoft says "...P3P features can work only if consumers have installed IE 6...". This can be used by the open source community to leverage open web services. By giving users the same features with ANY browser they have a good incentive to make the "open choice". Article
  • Palm is another technology MS won't support in any way.
  • as well as AOL
  • and Apache
so by making versions of your software for these platforms you are competing with Microsoft in arenas where they can't act!!!! If this idea intrigues you read "Judo Strategy". It tells you all about fighting the big dogs on your own turf.

Update october 11, 2001: "To Steve Balmer: Steve, if you are listening, reconsider. Copy protection is a boon to your competitors. This is a bad idea. You will only punish your best customers. Don't do it. To Microsoft Office and Windows Competitors: This is your opening. Go for it."

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