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Craig Burton: "The future of computing will shift away from a single vendor monopoly to poly-ownership of community defined Internet Services. These community-defined and implemented services will make up the InternetOS. No single vendor can own or control the InternetOS. No single individual, organization, government, or "movement" (open source, free software or otherwise) can control the net. The net already has a life of its own that will continue to expand and grow with no single player at the wheel. This is inevitable. There is nothing Microsoft-or any other company-can do to stop this inevitability. The more any organization tries to take control of the matter, the less control it will have." Amen brother Craig. Full comment
  • Tuesday, July 31, 2001, Craig just made a new comment on the same topic:   "...any vendor that wants to be a player in the future of the Internet, must field a credible open source-based strategy that will stand up to the scrutiny of its peers." Hallelujah!

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