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I have been thinking and the thoughts gave me an idea. Before a web surfer has clicked on a link, a web page could load all the pages that the page links to. When the web surfer clicks on a link the page will show up instantly and the browser will start loading the "linked-to" pages. And so on.
But what if there are thirty links on a web page? Well, don't put thirty links on a web page. Put five GOOD links and skip the crap. Or check which link is the most clicked-on on a certain page and start downloading it. Or use some other scheme, I don't care. The point is that we're wasting time letting the browser wait for us. Sometimes it won't help and sometimes it will. Whichever way you do it, in the eyes of the surfer your site will seem faster. The magic word is "seem". It doesn't matter what's really going on behind the scene. We're working with illusions here, remember.

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