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Privacy policies of the world, don't smear us in intellectual poop. Todays policies watch the company's back, not the individuals. They are legal documents...which is ok, a company has to protect its interests. However every surfer notice that there isn't any document written for us, despite the fact that we too have interests that need to be protected. A moral policy is what I want. And it should be financially rewarding to maintain one.
Now Mercury News used to have a document called "Online privacy checkmated by a check box." It was interesting and well- written. I linked to it right here. But they've hidden it behind a "subscribers only" wall. Which means it doesn't exist. It was never written. The author won't get recognized. People won't read Mercury News. And the attention gets directed to someone else. What's the long- term Mercury News strategy? "If you let us ignore you two- hundred million times we'll write ten articles that you won't get to read. Mmmmmkay?"

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